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HBO and Roy Jones step up to the plate for Gerald McClellan

This month, HBO Sports, Roy Jones Jr., and Ring 8 are teaming up to raise money for the children of former middleweight champion Gerald McClellan. As you will remember, in 1995, McClellan collapsed shortly after a brutal super middleweight title bout with Nigel Benn. McClellan had a blood clot removed from his brain, and subsequently he will require 24 hour a day care from his three sisters for the rest of his life. This fund raising effort will help make better lives for Gerald's three children.

Kudos to HBO and Honorary Chairman Roy Jones Jr. for doing this for someone who wasn't even an HBO fighter. In fact, when I recently spoke to Gerald's sister Lisa, she told me that no fighter has done more for her brother than Roy. Pound for Pound top fighter? Things like this show that Roy Jones is tops Pound for Pound as a man.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, donations may be sent to:

Ring 8 / The Gerald McClellan Fund
Home Box Office
1100 Avenue of the Americas
Room 10-45
New York, NY 10036

Please make checks payable to: Ring 8/The Gerald McClellan Fund

Also, with the blessing of the McClellan family, I have donated my services to create a tribute web site for Gerald McClellan. This site is currently under construction, and all donations of articles or pictures to be used on the site will be graciously accepted. If you have any reminisces of Gerald or his fights, send them over to me at

The site address is: