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Gerald McClellan

By Marty Mulcahey / Boxing Wise

Gerald is the part of boxing that everyone in boxing tries to put in a dark recess of their mind and block from their memory like a bad dream. Fans, fighters, referees and promoters all know of what happened with Gerald, but do not speak about it in hopes that perhaps if we ignore the fate of Gerald it will not repeat itself with someone else in the sport. Maybe this time it could be someone who they are directly involved with. This website will not allow Gerald to be put in the dark recess of boxing to fade into obscurity muck like Jimmy Bivins had before we learned of his neglect at the hands of his own family. Boxing fans are all part of the boxing family and we should come together to help Gerald, or be judged as neglectful as Bivins' real family. Boxing, unlike other sports has no built in safety net to help fallen fighters. Any insurance money or ring earnings will be swallowed up by medical bills in less time than it takes to administer a standing eight count.

I am not blaming the fans for what has happened to Gerald, nor am I blaming the sport we all love. Gerald knew the risks of boxing as anyone who laces up the gloves must. However I think we can all remember when we were young and nothing could ever hurt us! We live with the choices we make, but we must also reach out to others to help us, and in his current state Gerald can not. That is why a website like this and the foundation to help Gerald is so vital. Gerald had given the fans of the boxing much to cheer about, Gerald to me was the Felix Trinidad of the middleweights. A man who was put there to challenge another Golden Boy, this one named Roy Jones. Many thought Gerald had the talent and tools to defeat Roy Jones and a showdown was anticipated. The tragic fight with Nigel Benn in London put a halt to that super match and 50 years of future happiness
Gerald was to enjoy with his family. Read the stories on this website about Gerald, they are sad stories to be sure. But like the Gerald we saw in the ring you will see a underlying fight Gerald is still in to have some bright days in what we would see as a bleak existence. Money won't help Gerald attain happiness in his state but it will provide comfort for him and soothe the worries of a family who are also victims of this tragedy. I have not met Gerald and do not profess to have knowledge of Gerald's inner thoughts. Others who will contribute to this website will do that with far more accuracy and insight; I am speaking from the standpoint of a fan who admired Gerald's skill.

I love the sport and find myself torn between it's beauty and brutality. To see what boxing can provide to a kid from the barrio, slums, or projects is beautiful. To see what it has done to Gerald is terrifying. I have told many who have E-mailed me about certain pay per view boxing cards to ask wether it was worth the $20.00 or $50.00 to instead send that money to the Gerald McClellan trust fund. The next time you are faced with the choice of buying a pay per view fight that will be repeated on HBO or Showtime in a week, drop by this website and read the stories on Gerald. Think about whether that money would be better spent on a friend who needs our help. Gerald personifies everything that can go wrong in boxing, but in a ironic twist he can also be everything that is good about the people who watch and love boxing. Others look on our sport and the people who participate in and around it as barbaric, let's prove them wrong and help one of our own.

                                Keep Punching